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January 2020:          Rob Pickford
February 2020:        Frank Barea
March 2020:            Elizabeth Hitchens
April 2020:              Christine Martin
May 2020:               Paul Blake
June 2020:              Rob Pickford
July 2020:               Christine Martin
August 2020:          Elizabeth Hitchens
September 2020:     Paul Blake
October 2020:         Frank Barea
November 2020:     Christine Martin
December 2020:     Paul Blake

Church cleaning:

Week 1: Marie Sawyer and Nichola Elliott

Week 2: Adrienne Darts and Charlotte Cooke

Week 3: Cecilia and Paul Blake

Week 4: Sheila Matthews and Mrs Teale


Hall cleaning:

January:   Tony and Sheila Matthews

February:  Bob and Dawn Straker Cook

March:      Paul and Cecilia Blake

April:        Bob and Dawn Straker Cook

May:        Tony and Sheila Matthews

June:        Bob and Dawn Straker Cook

July:         Paul and Cecilia Blake

August:    Bob and Dawn Straker Cook

September:        Tony and Sheila Matthews

October:    Bob and Dawn Straker Cook

November:         Paul and Cecilia Blake

December:    Bob and Dawn Straker Cook



Parish contacts


Saint Edmund's Catholic Church
65 Oxford Road
SN11 8AQ

01249 813131


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