Laudato Si'

In 2015 Pope Francis wrote a Encyclical Letter addressed to every person on the planet, asking us work together to create a better world for future generations and imploring us to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to take care of, respect and value our ‘common home’. 

Laudato Si’ discusses the damage being inflicted on the earth by humans and calls on ‘every person living on this planet’ to make urgent changes to our lifestyles and how we consume energy in order to protect the planet.

It deals with many environmental issues including:
climate change
loss of biodiversity
decline in the quality of human life.


In his groundbreaking document Laudato Si’, Pope Francis makes a plea to ordinary people, who have found ourselves in extraordinary times. The world is in crisis and we can act.  Join the growing movement of ordinary people, doing small and ordinary things, that together become the platform for a massive shift. Say ‘YES’ to ringing in the changes that we are called to hear.

Living the Common Good

In this time of great instability and uncertainty, how should we understand what is going on? What might the seismic changes we are seeing mean for our local life and for our churches? How is God calling Christians to respond in this time of unravelling?

These are among the questions Jenny Sinclair addressed at a special Mission Day organised by the Diocese of Clifton drawing on the tradition of Catholic Social Teaching.

The Encyclical Letter Laudato Si’ can be accessed by clicking on the image.


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