Gospel reflection

Today we celebrate the Feast of All Saints, a feast that brings into focus all those who lead good and often holy lives but are not officially recognised by the Church as being ‘Saints’. The church introduced this feast in order to recognise the early Christian martyrs, many of whom were never known by name but who lived faithful Christian lives and who died for their faith. We may not have known anyone who has died for their faith but most of us have met people who have devoted their life to living the values of the Gospel. They are the people who strive to live generously and compassionately. These people are not heroic in the normal sense of the word, but their lives often are heroic. They are the people who are ready go the extra mile for others and then slip away un-noticed. When we think of holiness what do we imagine? Perhaps one definition of holiness is the capacity to live without hankering after the past or imagining the future but being able to focus on the present moment. Such people are attentive to what is going on around them and in doing so can respond to whatever is asked of them. During the pandemic we have seen many such people, heroically giving endlessly to meet the needs of others. These are the blessed people. Today’s Gospel invites each one of us live humble, peaceful, and wholesome (holy) lives with Christ at the heart of all our actions and words.

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