Writings of Saint Edmund


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“To live perfectly

is to live honourably, lovingly and humbly.

Humbly as regards yourself;

lovingly towards your neighbour;

honourably towards God,

so that you may do His will

with whole intent.”

‘Speculum Religiosorum’

Chapter 2.



“The blessed poor have nothing on earth and the rich have nothing in heaven,

Thus the rich, if they desire heaven, ought to purchase it from the poor”.

‘Speculum Religiosorum’

Chapter 14



“Truly He is above all things,

below all things,

within all things and beyond all things.

He is the one who governs from above,

supports everything from below,

satisfies everything from within,

and surrounds all from without,

enclosing and holding the universe

as if with His hand.”

‘Speculum Religiosorum’

Chapter 28



The photograph at the top of this page shows an early 14th Century manuscript of a French translation of Saint Edmund’s text ‘Speculum Eccelsie’, (The Mirror of the Holy Church). This is the second, revised edition, of his text ‘Speculum Religiosorum.’

The decoration shows a historiated initial of Saint Edmund as a bishop holding a mirror.


The photograph below show the tomb and shrine to Saint Edmund at Pontigny Abbey, Burgundy, France.