Saint Edmund’s Parish depends on the generosity of individuals for its income, and all giving by parishioners towards the cost of running the parish is very much appreciated.

The most visible demonstration of this giving is cash put in ‘the plate’ at Mass as part of the offertory collection. However without any Gift Aid declaration the parish does not receive any tax back on this.

Offertory giving by monthly standing order is the most welcome form of giving if you can manage it. It provides a steady and predictable income, allowing forward planning, and if you are a taxpayer it can easily be made tax efficient by the Gift Aid process.

For every £1 donated to the parish by Gift Aid, the parish receives £0.25 from the government, thus making the total income of the parish £1.25. Giving by Gift Aid does not commit you in any way. You can always reduce or stop your giving if your circumstances change.

In order to Gift Aid your offertory giving to the parish, you need to sign a Gift Aid form obtainable from the parish. This is a form of words agreed with the government which enables the parish to claim the tax related to that offertory donation.

In order to meet the rules set down by the government, the parish needs to be able to prove that you have given the donation to the parish. The easiest way to do this is by a bank standing order.

If you are able to give by standing order, and wish to make a Gift Aid declaration if you are a taxpayer, please speak to Mark Tucker.