Calne Food Bank was set up by the Calne Partnership of Churches. It is intended to provide food for individuals or families in crisis, who are temporarily without food or the means to get any.


How it works

The Food Bank does not make decisions about who should receive bags. All food bags are given out by agency workers.  This is so that recipients are also receiving help with whatever problem has led to their situation.  It also ensures that food can be given out quickly when needed.  Once a bag has been given out the agency rings a central point for replacement.  If you are an agency worker operating in Calne who thinks you should have access to the Food bank please email

How to donate to the Food Bank

If you wish to donate food there are collection points at Calne Town Hall Office at Bank House, Monday – Thursday: 9.00.a.m. -5.00.p.m., Friday: 9.00.a.m. – 4.30.p.m. or at the Calne Heritage Centre Wednesday – Saturday: 10.00.a.m. – 4.00.p.m., Sunday: 2.00.p.m. – 4.00p.m. and at the Co op in the labelled bin near the exit, or any local church.

What goes into the bags?

The food does not go immediately from donor to recipient, so no fresh food such as fruit or butter. For the same reason long date non-perishable items are the best. The bags aim to provide as nutritious food as possible to last the recipients three days.

Foods provided (and to donate):

Breakfast cereal or porridge oats

Tinned or packet soup

Tinned meat – corned beef etc. or stews and mince

Tinned fish

Tinned potatoes or instant mash

Tinned vegetables

Tinned tomatoes

Baked Beans

Pasta or rice

Tomato based pasta sauce

Tinned fruit

Tinned puddings


Snack bars

Tea bags

Instant coffee

Long life milk

Sugar (500 gm)

Long life fruit juice

The bags are meant to provide food for three days. By donating sensible size items, eg pack of 80 tea bags or a small jar of coffee more of the essential items can be included the bags

The need for Food Banks is growing in the UK. Thank you for your continuing support.


The parish co-ordinator for the FoodBank collections is Teresa Quinn.


If you need help from the Food Bank:

The Food Bank does not distribute food directly but through approved agencies who may be helping you, such as a health visitor, community nurse, housing support worker, family centre etc.

If no one is helping you at present, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau is an excellent source of help with practical and financial problems and may be able to provide you with a food parcel. The Citizens’ Advice Bureau in Calne is based in the Library and is open between 10.00. a.m. and 1.00. p.m. Monday and Friday. You can drop in during these times without an appointment. Alternative ways of contacting Wiltshire Citizens’ Advice can be found at or by calling 03444 111 444.