Calne Partnership of Churches


Calne Partnership of Churches is an ecumenical organisation which supports links between the member churches. The member churches are Calne Baptist Church, the Church of England Parish of Calne and Blackland, Dayspring, Calne Methodist Church and St Edmund’s Catholic Church.


There are three to four representatives (including the Clergy) from each member church on the Calne Partnership of Churches committee.
The representatives from Saint Edmund’s are Father Vincent, the Parish Priest, Elizabeth Hitchens, Tricia Davies and Rosemary Addington.


Further information about the Calne Partnership of Churches and the member churches can be found on the website . This link opens in a new tab.

The Calne Partnership of Churches was formed in the 1980s, out of recognition and respect for the different traditions within the Christian Faith. A formal agreement was signed by representatives of the member churches at a Service of Ratification held on 25th January 1997 in which the member churches pledged themselves “to seeking that unity for which Christ prayed”.


The signed agreement is displayed in each member church and states:

“We recognise and value the diversity and gifts of the Christian Community in the town. This commitment and common faith leads us to state the following ‘Aims’ of the Calne Partnership of Churches:

    • To proclaim the kingdom of God in this town.
    • To nurture a relationship of love and understanding between Christian churches in this town.
    • To celebrate our common faith in worship.”


The Calne Partnership of Churches is committed to praying and working for unity, acknowledging the value and diversity in ways of worshipping. As an expression of Unity, the Partnership supports a number of local and national events including:

  • The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
  • One World Week
  • Good Friday expressions of witness
  • Christian Aid Week
  • Joint Lent study groups
  • The Calne Food Bank

The next meeting of The Calne Partnership of Churches is as follows:
12th July 2018at 2018, at 7.30.p.m. at Saint Edmund’s Church hall.