Saint of the week


Saint Ignatius

“It is better to keep quiet and be real, than to chatter and be unreal.
It is a good thing to teach if, that is, the teacher practices what he preaches.
There was one such Teacher, who “spoke and it was done”;
and what he did in silence is worthy of the Father.
He who has really grasped what Jesus said can appreciate his silence.
Thus he will be perfect:
his words will mean action,
and his very silence will reveal his character.”

Saint Ignatius of Antioch: ‘Letter to the Ephesians’. Chapter 15. (c AD 117)

The image above is ‘The Martyrdom of Saint Ignatius’
from the illuminated manuscript: ‘The Menologion of Basil II’ (c 1000)
(Held in the Vatican Library).