Church cleaning


Volunteers ensure that the church building is kept in a clean and tidy. There is a rota for a number of small teams of people who clean at a time convenient for them during the week it is their turn. The cleaning involves vacuuming, brushing floors, polishing and cleaning marks from furniture, doors, glass etc.
You can help by volunteering to join one of the teams, or by joining with one or two or three others to form your own team.
If you would like to help please contact Cecilia Blake who can be contacted either on 01249 815042 or by email here.

The rota for church cleaning is shown below. The current newsletter (which can be found here) indicates which week it is for church cleaning.

Week 1:    Helga and Andy Stevens

Week 2:   Adrienne Darts, Anne Mullins, Ann Williams

Week 3:   Antionetta Dias and Angel

Week 4:   Cecilia Blake, Sheila Matthews